Accessing the Installation

ALTUS AIR FORCE BASE, Oklahoma -- In accordance with federal law, only REAL ID Act compliant identification cards are accepted at Altus Air Force Base. This implementation is federally mandated and imposes stricter guidelines on acceptable forms of identification to access federal installations and facilities. With this new directive, driver’s licenses originating from Minnesota, Missouri and Washington are no longer accepted as compliant identification when accessing military installations.

Other noncompliant U.S. states and territories have been granted extensions or limited extensions until January 30, June 6 or October 10, 2017. The affected states in the proximity of Altus AFB are Oklahoma, whose extension ends January 30, 2017 and Texas, whose extension ends October 10, 2017.

The reason for this amendment is to ensure that those attempting to access military installations meet the proper security credentials. This helps to keep the base populace and its resources safe by preventing those using a fraudulent form of ID from getting on the installation.

“Implementing the REAL ID Act here at Altus will only bolster our security procedures already in place by ensuring only complaint, and therefore legitimate, state identification medias are accepted for access purposes,” said U.S. Air Force Tech. Sgt. Nicholas Nunnari, 97th Security Forces Squadron NCO in charge of plans and programs.

For those who have a driver’s license originating from one of the aforementioned states, there are many other acceptable forms of identification they may use instead.

“The only caveat for Minnesota and Washington is that both issue Enhanced Driver’s Licenses for additional fees. EDLs are considered compliant,” said Nunnari.

Some of the more common acceptable alternatives include a valid U.S. or foreign government issued passport, an employment authorization document that contains a photograph or identification cards issued by federal government agencies that include a photo and biographic information such as name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color and address.

“Besides DoD issued identification medias, the majority of visitors and contractors entering Altus AFB are utilizing Oklahoma and Texas driver’s licenses,” said Nunnari. “These are the personnel who will be most affected by REAL ID Act implementation, as they will be required to present an alternate and approved form of identification once their state extensions have expired.”

If an individual attempts to enter the installation without an approved form of identification, they must be escorted on and around base by a sponsor with military issued credentials in a single vehicle. Additionally, the visitors must have a photo ID and submit to a quick background check before proceeding on base. The escort is also required to be physically present with the individual for the duration of the visit.

If a visitor needs to access the base unescorted, guests 18 and older will require a background check and an access pass, which will be valid for the duration of the visit. A REAL ID Act-compliant credential will be required for this type of base access and those without the accepted documentation will not be permitted to enter without an approved escort.

“The REAL ID Act has no impact on personnel that already have base access,” said Nunnari. “However, when a previously valid pass issued at either Pass or Registration or at the Main gate during non-duty hours expires, personnel will be required to provide REAL ID Act compliant identification or an approved alternate form identified by DHS.”

“I would encourage anyone with questions or additional interests to monitor the DHS website, as they are providing frequently updated information,” said Nunnari. “The REAL ID Act is a federal law directed through DHS and applies to all federal installations and facilities.”

For a full list of acceptable identification for base access or for additional information, visit or the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety at Pass and Registration is the focal point for implementation of REAL ID at Altus AFB and can be contacted at 580-481-6340.