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As of July 28, 2021, Jackson County was deemed an area of substantial COVID-19 community transmission. DoD requires all Service members, Federal employees, onsite contractor employees, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask in an indoor setting on Altus AFB. All personnel, please bring masks to work starting Friday, July 30, 2021. Unit commanders will provide additional guidance based on individual job requirements and other risk factors. Click here to read the Updated Mask Guidance for all DoD Installations and Other Facilities memorandum from the Department of Defense.

Altus Air Force Base is distributing COVID-19 vaccines in alignment with the DoDs plan to follow CDC prioritization guidelines. The 97th MDG is currently distributing it, and those who have requested to get the vaccine will be contacted as soon as it is available to them. For more information about the vaccine, click here.

Altus Air Force Base leaders have announced the transition from Health Protection Condition (HPCON) BRAVO to HPCON ALPHA.

The following document supersedes a majority of current policies: 97 AMW COVID-19 Policies and Directives 05 November 21. The memorandum's attachments can be found under the resources tab on the right.


Commanders Message:

"Warriors of the Mighty 97th, your agile and timely response to the 28 July DoD mask guidance is evident across the installation and is greatly appreciated by your command teams. As you know, we must consider both the installation and local area when assessing and/or adjusting our COVID-19 protocols. Based on this assessment, the attached guidance has been implemented to provide another layer of protection for our installation personnel. I want to ensure you that I am fully confident in our continued ability to provide world class support for our personnel and to fully execute our privileged mission."   

Going forward, the three key objectives (3 “P”s) to navigate the COVID-19 environment:

  1. Preserve health: safeguard our Airmen and families
  2. Preserve mission: continue to train exceptional mobility Airmen
  3. Preserve wellness: support morale, welfare and recreation activities to the maximum extent possible based on continuous risk assessment

"As we adjust to this new guidance, I will be releasing a policy to your command teams that provides more information and codifies my intent through which your command teams are already executing. Again, I thank you all for your adaptive response and the excellence you bring to Mobility’s Hometown every day!"

- Blaine L. Baker, 97th AMW Commander. 

Vaccine Online Scheduling

The COVID-19 vaccine scheduling has gone ONLINE. To schedule your Moderna or Pfizer vaccine, visit

For first or second vaccine doses, or a booster dose, please visit the site and schedule for yourself or your dependent(s). 

Pediatric COVID-19 Pfizer vaccines are now here! If you would like your 5-11 year old child to receive a COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine, please call 580-481-5235 and make your appointment today!

Pediatric Pfizer: Full FDA approval for ages 5 and up. Only offered on Monday's at the MDG. 

Adult Pfizer: Offered on Friday's at the MDG.

Moderna: Authorized for use in ages 18 and up. Only offered on Monday's at the MDG.

Please schedule your appointment as soon as possible to ensure you get a time slot.  Have a DHA 207 filled out prior to arrival of your appointment.

Additional Resources: EUA Recipients what to Expect Card, V-Safe Information Sheet, Pfizer COVID Vaccine Flyer

MDG Testing Procedures

Call the appointment line 580-481-5235

For any weekend medical needs please reference the following:

  • For emergencies call 911
  • Nurse Advice Line 1-800-874-2273
  • COVID-19 Hotline 580-649-5809
  • Non-active duty beneficiaries can utilize Xpress Wellness Urgent Care Altus without referral
  • Active duty please call the Nurse Advice Line

Check out the link below for a COVID-19 Testing Walk-Through Video at the 97th Medical Group:

COVID-19 Testing Walk-Through 

Leadership Town Hall Videos