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Commercial UAV's

Commercial sUAS's must be registered with the Federal Avaitaion Association to have a Certifricate of Waiver or Authority. To setup an account, please go to https://ioeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/Welcome.jsp for further guidance, please refer to teh FAA's page on Certifricated of Waiver or Authority.

FAA CFR Title 14


For further questions or information, please email Mr. Douglas Winters  at altus.drone.uas.request@us.af.mil.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has established a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) in order to protect Altus Air Force Base residents and airfield structures. The TFR for Altus AFB encompasses all areas defined by perimeter fences and property lines, to include all of base housing, and is valid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The TFR effectively restricts all sUAS operations at Altus AFB without prior coordination with controlling agencies and an established sUAS base use policy.  The FAA defines an sUAS as a small unmanned aircraft system weighing between .55 and 55 pounds and requires registration on the FAA website.  In order to comply with FAA guidance governing sUAS operations while providing for recreational use of sUAS on Altus AFB, the base has established a policy for an sUAS flying zone in Excellence Park.  There are strict limitations and procedures for use of this airspace.  Please see below for further guidance on flying your sUAS in and around Altus AFB.

Excellence Park

  • SUAS Flight Inside

    Excellence Park is the only location on the installation where personnel have approval to operate a sUAS in a recreational/hobbyist manner.  All personnel operating a sUAS in Excellence Park are responsible for being knowledgeable of and compliant with the following installation procedures and policies:

    All sUAS operators are authorized to fly within the lateral confines of Excellence Park from the surface to 400 feet above ground level (AGL) during daylight hours 7 days a week.

    All sUAS operations on base are prohibited during nighttime hours, defined as sunset to sunrise, regardless of location.

    Never operate a sUAS in a manner which threatens the safety of any personnel (bystander or sUAS participant).

    Never operate a sUAS in a manner which threatens the ability to protect personal or government property.

    Never operate a sUAS from a concealed or restricted-view location (i.e. automobile, inside a structure, etc.) where the public cannot ascertain who is flying the sUAS.

    Cease any sUAS activities when advised to do so by a competent authority (e.g. Security Forces).

    Prior to taking still or video pictures, contact Public Affairs. h. sUASs must always remain clear of manned aircraft, both military and civilian.

  • SUAS Flight Outside

    Flight inside the Altus AFB TFR outside of the lateral and vertical confines of Excellence Park, surface to 400 feet AGL, intentional or otherwise (to include malfunctions or loss of visual contact with the sUAS), must comply with FAA regulations regarding flight within Class D airspace (when Tower is open) or within a TFR, and with the following:

    Any sUAS flights conducted during Altus AFB Class D operations outside of Excellence Park must first submit a request and receive acknowledgment prior for flight via (580) 481-6098 or email at altus.drone.uas.request@us.af.mil..  Requests for flight during active base flight operations will be denied unless the request has been properly staffed and approved for the specific operation.

    Any sUAS flight conducted during tower closure outside of Excellence Park must first contact Altus Command Post at (580) 481-6313 for permission to penetrate the TFR.  Requests for other than official business will be denied.

    In the event a sUAS exits the confines of Excellence Park or exceeds the 400 foot ceiling without immediate retrieval, sUAS operators will notify the controlling authority (AAFB Tower or Command Post) immediately.

    In the event an operator losses visual contact with an airborne sUAS under their control, or if there is any other malfunction/loss of control of the vehicle, they must immediately notify the controlling authority of the potential hazard to manned flight operations.


ALTUS AFB (AAFB) Airport Reference Point (ARP) = N34°39.99' W99°16.09' 

AAFB 5 MILE AREA = 5 Statute Mile Radius of AAFB ARP. 

NORTH APZ Description = That area extending northward from the AAFB fence line to E CR 1580 between N CR 2070 and N CR 2090. NORTH APZ Coordinates:
•SW Corner = 34°41.294' N 099°16.728' W
•NW Corner = 34°43.508' N 099°17.067' W
•NE Corner = 34°43.508' N 099°14.953' W
•SE Corner = 34°41.280' N 099°15.300' W

SOUTH APZ Description = That area extending southward from the AAFB fence line to E CR 1660 between N CR 2070 and N CR 2090. SOUTH APZ Coordinates:
•NW Corner = 34°38.506' N 099°16.729' W
•SW Corner = 34°36.517' N 099°17.000' W
•SE Corner = 34°36.527' N 099°14.865' W
•NE Corner = 34°39.137' N 099°15.271' W

The only fly zone  for Altus AFB is Excellence Park with permission from Mr. Winters or Command Post. 

AAFB CLASS D Surface Area = That airspace extending upward from the surface to and including 3,900 feet MSL within a 6-mile radius of Altus AFB and within 2 miles each side of the Altus AFB ILS 17R Localizer north course extending from the 6-mile radius to 7.6 miles north of the airport and excluding that airspace below 2500 feet MSL west of longitude 99°18'52"W. This Class D airspace area is effective during the specific dates and times established in advance by a Notice to Airmen. The effective date and time will thereafter be continuously published in the Airport/Facility Directory.