Provides safe and reliable healthcare to 6.4K beneficiaries & 2K aircrew students annually.  Operates an outpatient clinic with a $11.8M budget across two squadrons to ensure a medically-ready military force and community through readiness, prevention, treatment and contingency preparedness.  Delivers safe & effective healthcare focused on quality, customer service, proven processes, value & modernization.  Responsible to 97 Air Mobility Wing and DHA.

97th Operational Medical Readiness Squadron

Delivers patient-centered quality healthcare. Manages a $1.6M budget. The squadron consists of 75 personnel who provide occupational health, medical readiness, mental health, aerospace medicine, pediatrics, and dental care to 6.4K beneficiaries, and 2K aircrew students. The squadron is extensively involved in prevention and treatment through continuous outreach efforts throughout the base and community. Responsible to 97th Medical Group & DHA.
The Primary Care Flight
Responsible for the majority of primary care in the medical group. The flight consists of Family Health, Pediatrics, Allergy and Immunizations. Approximately 5,100 TRICARE enrolled beneficiaries receive primary care and a myriad of other services here to include minor procedures, routine wellness, and preventive care. 
The Aerospace & Operational Medicine Flight
Comprised of two elements:  Flight & Operational Medicine Clinic (FOMC) and the Base Operational Medicine Clinic (BOMC). FOMC provides care for permanent party, student flyers, and civilian personnel with flight, medical, occupational exams, flyer sick call and squadron welfare visits.  BOMC performs medical standard operations to include separation exams (SHPE), profiles, overseas clearances, Periodic Health/Mental Health Assessment (PHA/MHA) and retraining evaluations. 
The Optometry Clinic
Provides services to active duty members, retirees, and dependents. Services include glasses prescriptions, contact lens updates for current contact lens wearers, and treatment and management of ocular diseases that do not need surgical intervention.  The Public Health Flight ensures medical readiness for 1.1K Active Duty personnel, and works closely with all other medical clinics to provide medical care to our deployers.  Public Health maximizes Occupational Health and Safety for 44 shops with over 1000 employees.  Through the Community Health program, Public Health inspects over 20 facilities for food safety and sanitation and provides mosquito and illness surveillance for the entire base population.
The Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight
Ensures the occupational and environmental health of all personnel and residents of Altus AFB.  The flight monitors 46 industrial shops, analyzes the drinking water quality for ODEQ and EPA compliance, and manages the base radiation, EMF, and laser safety programs.  Additionally, the Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight teams with other base response agencies during emergency responses to identify health hazards to responders as well as the base and local populations.
The Mental Health Flight
Provides assessment, treatment, and education on a wide range of psychological and emotional issues. This flight also manages the Family Advocacy Program as well as the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program. All programs provide a myriad of outreach services to assist Team Altus for improving resiliency and coping skills.
The Dental Flight
Provides timely, quality dental care to active duty members, ensuring the maximum number are world-wide qualified and mission ready at all times. Various dental services are provided ranging from preventive dentistry to comprehensive care including endodontics, prosthodontics, operative dentistry and oral surgery.

97th Healthcare Operations Squadron

 Responsible for the delivery of medical care and services for the 97th Medical Group and manages a $11.8M operating budget including purchased healthcare from our civilian partner Humana.  The 67-person squadron provides diagnostics & therapeutics, pharmacy, IT, logistics, resource management, medical readiness, health benefits, referral management and patient administration in support of 6.4K beneficiaries.  Responsible to 97th Medical Group & DHA.
Resource Management
Plans, programs, allocates and accounts for all 97th Medical Group manpower and operating funds by performing billing and collecting, data analysis, workload accounting, business planning and other related functions.
TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration (TOPA)
Plans, develops and implements the managed care program to include beneficiary and provider services, analysis and utilization management, and interaction with the regional managed care program (TRICARE).
Information Systems
Administers to all medical computer systems to ensure the latest innovations in technology for the advancement of patient care.  Acquisitions and systems maintenance guarantees future requirements and expectations in user data enhancements are met.
Medical Logistics
Provides materiel, both medical and non-medical, equipment, maintenance and services, and manages war reserve materiel and transportation in support of the medical mission. In addition, it is responsible for facility management and maintaining a vibrant safety program.
Medical Readiness
Manages the planning, scheduling and tracking of the unit's peacetime/wartime disaster response/mobility training and schedules medical group disaster and contingency exercises. They are the readiness advisor to the Group Commander. They oversees maintenance of unit mobility program. In addition, medical readiness develops and monitors comprehensive medical contingency plans and support agreements with wing agencies.
The Pharmacy
Manages accurate processing and dispensing of over 70,000 prescriptions annually, assuring medications are selected and utilized in a safe and effective manner.
The Lab is a fully accredited by College of American Pathologists (CAP) and provides 20,000 annual lab tests for the facility and its patient population.
The Diagnostic Imaging team provides 1100 radiology exposures annually for its patient population.

Senior Enlisted Leader

CMSgt Katie M. Hammonds