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*Please note* in alignment with our current Employment Plan, official photos will only be supported if the criteria below is met. All others must have a justification from their first sergeant or commander, or they will be turned away.

  • Squadron-level and above leadership portraits (ex: commander, deputy/vice commander, senior enlisted leader, and first sergeant)
  • SNCOs and Officer biography photos
  • 97th OG instructor cadre portraits
  • Wing-level and above quarterly/annual award winners
  • Prominent wing support agencies (ex: IG, SARC, ADC and EO)


PA Services:

  • Command Information: We are always looking for news, feature, public safety announcements and historical events pertinent to the wing. Please contact us if you'd like to share your story. When requesting VI services from the 97th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs Office, customers must fill out and submit an Air Force form 833 at least two weeks prior to any event and notify us at 97amw.pa@us.af.mil

*Please note* It is the customer’s responsibility to confirm receipt of their emailed request. Lack of coordination may result in denied requests. To view the Public Affairs guidelines for coverage and to see if your event qualifies, please visit our employment plan for more details here.

  • Community Engagement:  Units who are asked for their services or personnel, or who receive offers of support from the community directly, must coordinate these with PA (and JA when applicable) prior to committing or accepting resources. For Community Engagement specific requests (honor guard, national anthem singers, speaking request, tours, etc.) send requests to 97amw.pa.communityengagement@us.af.mil or click here.
  • Media Operations: Media can submit their queries to 97amw.pa@us.af.mil or call (580) 481-7700. 


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Phone: (580) 481-7700

Office: Bldg 87 / Room 107

Hours: Monday-Friday from 0830-1630

Base Announcements

Emails are sent out to the base every Tuesday courtesy of 97 AMW/PA. If you would like to publicize any announcements, please send an email to 97AMW.PA.Announcements@us.af.mil. Announcements must include: POC name, phone number, duration of announcement and a brief description of the event. 

You must submit your publication the Friday prior to circulation. Please do not include any attachments. 

Self Help

In the event PA can not support your request, you will be offered a self-help kit to document your event. You will need to call ahead to pick-up and receive training on how to use it.