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Welcome to the official podcast of the 97th Air Mobility Wing Command Team at Altus Air Force Base. The hosts of the show are: Col Blaine Baker and CMSgt Cesar Flores!

"In the tradition of military debriefs- a time-honored way to sit down as a team and analyze performance after a mission- we are going to look back into our own careers and break down moments that shaped us, things that got us through tough times and the lessons we learned along our combined 45 years of service," Baker shared. "We will also tackle important topics ranging from leadership in a combat zone to how we can accelerate change to be ready for the future fight. But it won’t just be us! We will feature many exciting guests from all walks of military life that will join the conversation and share their stories as well. And guiding the whole way will be the team's trusty moderator and resident hockey expert, Airman Trenton Jancze! We look forward to taking this journey of reflection and discovery with you as we conduct 'The Debrief'."

Episode 1 - Introduction

Episode 2 - A View From an Airman

Episode 3 - A View From an NCO

Episode 4 - A View From a Chief

Episode 5 - A View From a CGO

Episode 6 - A View From a FGO

Episode 7 - Leadership as a Science

Episode 8 - Lessons from a retired Chief Master Sgt.

Episode 9 - Leadership with Chief Master Sgt. Shelly Jarvis

Episode 9.7 - The Final Debrief

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Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 9.7