• Mobility’s Hometown Run Club: why we run

    In the pre-dawn stillness of Altus Air Force Base, before reveille sounds and the duty day begins, shadows stretch across the ground, hinting at the activities soon to come. Here, under the early morning twilight, the heartbeat of Mobility’s Hometown Run Club comes alive.

  • Why I Stay Blue: Master Sgt. Jeremy Gutsch

    Master Sgt. Jeremy Gutsch, 58th Airlift Squadron first sergeant, hailing from Ashland, Wisconsin, decided to indefinitely re-enlist in the United States Air Force in July of 2022. Gutsch shares his story of why he decided to dedicate as much time as he is able to serve.

  • Christi’s calling: extending the mission through connection

    Keeping the mission going comes at a high cost for Airmen and their families, which can be both mentally and physically exhausting. So, when Airmen are working late and dedicating their time to support the mission, who is there to support their spouses and families?Christi Roberts, 97th Air Mobility

  • Right on schedule; faces of the Fuels Service Center

    On any given day at the 97th Air Mobility Wing, approximately 19 aircrews perform sorties around the clock, utilizing thousands of gallons of fuel in the process. In addition, dozens of vehicles need gas to transport both personnel and supplies to the flightline. Who provides this tactical supply

  • Altus paralegal wins USAF JAG award

    COVID-19 has challenged military members worldwide and forced Airmen across many career fields to adapt in different ways. Senior Airman Darrell Thorman and the rest of the 97th Air Mobility Wing Staff Judge Advocate Office were no exception.In July, the strain of the pandemic and manning

  • Let me upgrade you

    For a pilot, upgrading from co-pilot to aircraft commander is more than switching from the right seat to the left seat of the cockpit. Aircraft commanders have to learn new skills and take on more responsibilities.Capt. Ana Ekhaus, a C-17 Globemaster III pilot assigned to the 15th Airlift Squadron

  • Serving with honor and heritage, 97 FSS Airman’s dedication to service

    In 1948, President Harry S. Truman signed the Executive order 9981 which instilled equal treatment and opportunity for all members of the armed forced, regardless of race, color, religion or national origin. A few years later, in 1954, segregation in the military officially ended with the

  • 42 Years of Safety Service: Mr. Mike Matthews

    Mr. Mike Matthews, the 97th Air Mobility Wing occupational safety manager, did just that closing his second career as a Department of the Air Force civilian on December 31, 2019.