The legal office provides for those who are eligible wills, advance medical directives, powers of attorney, notarizations, protections and responsibilities under the SCRA and USERRA, family law - including adoptions, dependent care issues, child custody, domestic relations, and financial responsibilities, landlord-tenant law (for both landlords and tenants *subject to restrictions) consumer law - including bankruptcy, consumer fraud, identity theft, and illegal lending practices, vehicle leases, immigration naturalization law, assistance for crime victims, and taxation. 

Location and Hours

308 N. First St., Suite 1701, Altus AFB, OK 73523-5316

Open Mon-Fri 0730-1630 

Closed Thurs 1300-1630 for Training

Contact info

Office/DSN: 580-481-7294/866-7294

Office E-mail: 97AMW.JA@us.af.mil

Fax: 580-481-5922

97th Wing Legal Office

Reminder: ALL community speaking engagements, media engagements, and outreach efforts must be reviewed and approved by 97 AMW/PA and 97 AMW/JA prior to confirming support.

If you are not sure, Just Ask! Please send us the detailed, relevant information to our office E-mail 97AMW.JA@us.af.mil.

Please note that documents, such as divorce papers, can only be reviewed in legal assistance appointments, not drafted. Documents, such as leases, can also be reviewed if it does not concern self-profit (You are the landlord making the lease).

Active military, retired military, military dependent, and military widows are eligible for service through the legal office.

*Warning* If you received a speeding ticket or want to dispute a disciplinary action, you should contact the ADC (Air Defense Counsel) at 580-481-7501. The Legal Office is separate from the ADC.

Appointments & Walk-ins

For Wills and Legal Assistance, appointments are needed; please call our office at 580-481-7294 with your DoD number available. 

For wills, clients MUST (1) go to https://aflegalassistance.law.af.mil and complete a will worksheet before arriving at the Legal Office for this service. If you need a paper copy, we have them available at the office. Once the will worksheet is completed, clients can drop off the paper worksheet at our office or they MUST (2) call our office with their ticket number exactly as it shows to make an appointment. While making the appointment, we will also need your DoD ID number, rank and unit information, phone number, and E-mail. *Please note that if it is a joint will, both parties must be present.

Walk-ins for Notaries/Powers of Attorney forms during office hours. *No appointment needed!


If you are retiring from the federal government completely, your checklist will include an Ethics Briefing to be completed. This requires an appointment, so please call our office. Please note that federal transfers do not need an ethics briefing.

Reenlistment briefings are 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at 0930 OR online at My Learning (https://lms-jets.cce.af.mil/moodle/) under “Article 137 Briefing.” Once you get the course completion certificate, a screenshot/copy of the certificate is to be sent to our office E-mail to get marked as completed.

Pre-deployment briefing are already scheduled with paralegals 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month *If you have deployment time limit issues, please call us for an appointment.