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  • Published
  • By Jessica Newby
  • Defense Commissary Agency public affairs specialist
With new features and more savings opportunities for customers, is becoming the place savvy commissary shoppers check before heading to the store.

The latest addition to the site is the "Commissary Rewards Card," which is now available at all commissaries. Customers use the website to load digital coupons on their cards, providing an easy way to save both time and money when compared to print coupons.

Commissary Gift Cards, another popular feature, can be ordered through the website. These cards come in denominations of $25 and $50 and can be purchased by anyone, but only authorized patrons can use them. Good at any commissary worldwide, the cards make it easy to give a gift of groceries to service members, wherever they serve.

The Exclusive Savings page highlights where customers can find even greater discounts in addition to the average savings of 30 percent or more that commissaries provide every day. Available only through the website, Exclusive Savings gives customers access to coupons, discounts and promotions provided by the Defense Commissary Agency's vendors and industry partners. On discounted products, the extra savings compounded by coupons help customers save even more.

Commissary case lot and Guard and Reserve on-site sales, customer newsletters and recipes are also featured on the site. Case lot sales, which take place every May and September, feature savings up to 50 percent on some items. It's easy to sign up to receive Commissary Connection or Guard and Reserve On-Site Sales Schedule newsletters; and for recipe tips and ideas, Kay's Kitchen has something for the whole family.

On their local store's page, under the Locations tab, customers can find information on their local store, such as hours of operation, directions and even sales information. The What's On Sale section has even more information about what's on sale at your local commissary.

The Food & Product Recalls page allows customers to track all recalls to make sure their family stays food-safe. Also, the frequently asked questions and the featured videos in the media center provides great tips and information on a variety of topics.

Using is a fast and easy way for customers to stay informed about the commissary and discover even more about their benefits. To check it out, go to