TPCP requires more info, offers same coverage

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Sally A. Kelly-Rank
  • 97th Medical Group
The Third Party Collection Program is a congressionally mandated program that authorizes military medical treatment facilities to bill private health insurance plans for services provided within the respective medical facility.

The success of the TPC program is dependent on the medical facility's ability to identify other health insurance coverage that sponsors and their dependents may be paying for but not using. Health insurance is intended to pay for your medical needs as detailed in your policy. The premiums you - or your employer - pay are for coverage of those services. Because military treatment facilities can now collect from your policy, as would any other medical facility, no change or effect is expected on your individual insurance.

Individuals will be asked during routine visits to the 97th Medical Group to fill out and submit their Other Health Insurance information on a DD Form 2569. Family members of active duty, retired military members and their family members must participate in the TPC program. Even if you have no other insurance, you are still required to fill out the DD Form 2569 annually or whenever insurance information changes. The Department of Defense still requires completion of the form even if Medicare or TRICARE are the only insurance providers.

The TPC program will not delay admittance to the 97th Medical Group facility or affect the care received at the clinic. No preferred treatment, based on coverage or the existence of other health insurance coverage, will result from the program.

For more information regarding the TPCP please call the resource management office at 481-5666.