Are You Making a Difference?

  • Published
  • By Colonel Stuart Shaw
  • 97th Air Mobility Wing vice commander
During last week's Airman Leadership School graduation, I watched the members of class 10-B honor fellow Airmen who have given their lives over the past year supporting Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and IRAQI FREEDOM. It was clear to me that each one of them had made a difference in the lives of those they had defended. They paid the ultimate sacrifice so those they defended could live a life of freedom without fear of terrorism.

Are you making a difference at Altus AFB? Daily, there are opportunities for each of us to make a difference in the lives of those we work with and serve. You can start by coming to work with a positive attitude and demonstrating pride in what you do. It's an honor to put on the uniform every morning (ABU, flight suit or civilian attire) and represent the 97th Air Mobility Wing. A positive attitude is infectious and it's a force-multiplier.
Set the example every day for your flight/section. Establishing the proper tone of respect for each other, and conducting yourself with the highest level of professionalism will make a difference. Be the leader that you want others to emulate by setting the example in all you do. Remember, you've got to "walk the talk" and never underestimate the power of setting the example.

You can make a difference by supporting your fellow Airmen and co-workers. That may mean extra work while you let a co-worker attend a college class or it may require the sacrifice of some of your off-duty time to prepare a meal for a friend or family in need. This "paying it forward" attitude reaps benefits that can't be measured.
Lastly, make a difference serving others. Your selflessness towards others will not go unnoticed. Our fellow Airmen, who I described in the first paragraph, lost their lives while selflessly defending others in service to our nation...think of their sacrifice each day as you perform you duties.

Make a positive difference in the defense of our nation and our freedoms every day...keep a positive attitude, be professional, support your fellow Airmen and co-workers, and be selfless in your service. I'm proud to work side by side with every member of the Mighty 97th! Venit Hora!