'Tis the season

  • Published
  • By Maj. Kerry Colburn
  • 97th Logistics Readiness Squadron commander
We are well into the holiday season and our attention reverts on what we need to accomplish in order to make our events magical for our family and friends. It is definitely a wonderful time to think of loved ones and to get together to reminisce and to catch up on lost time. These moments are some of the most cherished throughout the year.

As we continue this mindset of giving and amity, let us pause for a moment to think about those who are currently downrange providing us with this wonderful opportunity and blessing of the holiday season. Some of you were probably in their shoes at one time. Being thousands of miles away from friends and loved ones can make the holidays a somber occasion.

We, as citizens being protected by the greatest armed services in the world, have a responsibility to ensure that those who are supporting us receive the same in kind.

How can we show appreciation to someone who is on the other side of the world? There are many ways. With today's technological advances, communicating is easier than ever. You can ask anyone today and more than likely they have some type of social media account. E-mail is another tried and true method. Finally, a phone call or even a letter, while it may seem old fashioned, can provide a more personal touch. Care packages in any shape and form are always appreciated, and our community provides multiple opportunities to show a small token of holiday cheer.

We must also remember the family members who are still behind not only supporting their service member but supporting the homefront. Whether it is a mom, dad, son, daughter, brother, sister, or others, a void exists in that family during the holidays. We want to provide joy, comfort and solace to help fill that void. We know that it is an incredible sacrifice and being there to provide a helping hand or even just an ear to listen means so much. Some families are not aware of what the base or the community has to offer in terms of support during the holidays.

We must communicate to our deployed families that they are not alone and we are here for them. While in Afghanistan, the president asked a few service members what he could do to support them better. Their reply was, "Sir, take care of our families. If we know that our families are alright back home, then we can do our jobs."

Therefore, let us be mindful of those men and women serving abroad and their families who are patiently waiting for their return. Pause for a moment and thank them because they are the reason why we are enjoying the season. May we as a thankful community continue to recognize their sacrifices and to fulfill our commitment to support them. 'Tis the season.