Altus AFB to conduct severe weather exercise

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The 97th Air Mobility Wing will be conducting a severe weather exercise on February 25 between 1100hrs – 1400hrs.

The city of Altus and base residents will hear a short test of the Installation Warning Notification System sirens at the start of the exercise. Residents on and near the Installation may also hear broadcasted severe weather alerts and alert radio messages. All training messages will begin and end with "exercise, exercise, exercise." In the event of inclement weather February 25, all standard emergency notification systems will be used except for weather sirens.

During the initial portion of the exercise, base staff will be directed into appropriate shelter-in-place areas until the all clear is given. Vehicle, contractor and pedestrian entrance gates (Main Gate and South) will close for in-bound and out-bound traffic while alarms are sounding and during the shelter testing phase, but are scheduled to resume normal operations following an "all clear" announcement. Beginning at approximately 1300, gates will be closed for approximately 15 minutes so please plan accordingly. Individuals who hear warning sirens, but are not connected with the exercise are encouraged to remain calm and review personal and family severe weather response plans. Daily base services are expected to have minimal interruption during the beginning of the exercise and should resume normal operations following release from the Shelter-in-Place phase.

City of Altus residents can visit the city's emergency management site at for updates about the latest severe weather actions and to receive guidance on how to prepare a survival kit. Base residents can contact their respective unit emergency management representative for more information. As a reminder, base and city personnel can sign up for real time alerts @
For more information about the exercise contact the 97th Public Affairs Office at (580) 481-7700 or for information about the city's emergency procedures, contact the City of Altus Emergency Management Director at (580) 481-2260.