Altus AFB Transitions to HPCON B

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  • 97th Air Mobility Wing

Altus Air Force Base leaders have announced the transition from Health Protection (HPCON) CHARLIE to HPCON BRAVO Friday, May 29, 2020.

The base's announcement closely aligns with Governor Kevin Stitt's "Open Up and Recover Safely (OURS) Plan." When transitioning from each level, the criteria considered includes the downward trend of regional COVID-19 cases with no evidence of a resurgence.

In HPCON BRAVO, our facilities and staff members will function within the prescribed operating limits of the state and CDC guidelines to keep the risk of infection spread low. These measures include: continuing to selfmonitor and exercise all previous measures of hygiene, maintain six feet of physical distance, wearing face coverings when social distancing guidelines cannot be met, and not exceeding recommended gathering limits.

"Our team has been going above and beyond to make sure we can continue to open safely," said Col. Matthew Leard, Altus Air Force Base commander.  "It is thanks to them that we are postured and prepared for the installation to transition to HPCON BRAVO."

Base personnel are still required to practice "The Big 3," maintaining the six foot distancing rule or to wear a mask if six feet cannot be kept, wash hands and avoid common areas and avoid touching your face, and to stay at home if sick or feeling ill.

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