• 97 LRS continues to support sole C-17 airdrop training mission

    A typical day for an air transportation specialist assigned to the 97th Logistics Readiness Squadron includes precisely packaging 64 feet of parachute, securing two tons of material onto a handmade pallet while safely executing its transportation aboard the world’s most flexible cargo aircraft, at

  • 97 AMW in Photos

    The 97th Air Mobility Wing hosted the 2019 Honorary Commanders Boot Camp - an opportunity for civic leaders to learn more about the installation and mission at Altus Air Force Base.

  • Doing More With More: 97 AMW Squadron Superintendents Course

    At the head of every unit, there is a triad of leadership: it is the commander, first sergeant and superintendent who are charged with leading, training and disciplining their Airmen who complete the mission. Commanders and first sergeants undergo formal training on handling their units, but

  • 97 AMW Construction: Road to a Higher Quality of Life

    Roads are necessary for traveling in the modern world, so maintaining them is critical. Over time, road quality can degrade and require anything from small repairs to complete reconstruction.In early 2018, the 97th Civil Engineer Squadron enacted a seven-phase plan to ensure the roads are the safest

  • Air Ops: Always Out Front

    Altus AFB Airmen take pride in their squadron and show their support by yelling out squadron-specific chants to support their Airmen and boost morale. Most often, the cheers can be heard during promotion and award ceremonies or when an Airman from that squadron is recognized for a job well done. For

  • Eyes of the squadron

    At 97th Air Mobility Wing, seven first sergeants are responsible for the well-being of all personnel across the base. They are tasked with monitoring Airmen’s readiness, health, morale and discipline. First sergeants must undergo a 115 hour training course to serve as advisors to commanders about

  • Father and son train together

    Altus Air Force Base trains new aircrew members every day, but on March 17, 2017, a father and son were reunited during a training mission together, 21,000 feet in the air.U.S. Air Force Col. Craig Peters, 940th Air Refueling Wing commander, piloted a U.S. Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker and had the

  • Funding the Mission

    Money has a big effect on the mission and the 97th Comptroller Squadron makes sure the base has the funds to keep planes in the air and keep money in the pockets of our Airmen.

  • The Altus Exercise

    The quarterly exercise is a test of the instructors and student aircrew’s training and abilities. For both instructors and students the goal is to be ready.