• Live Free … Buy Hard: Newly redesignated 97 CONS

    When it comes to maintaining a military installation, there are thousands of crucial services and tasks that have to be accomplished to keep the mission going. Making purchases with a Government Purchase Card and repairing structures, such as a water tower or dining facility, are just a couple

  • Altus AFB breaks ground on new Fire Rescue Center

    Officials broke ground on a new construction project during the Fire Rescue Center ceremony on Jan. 26, 2021 at Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma. The ceremony marked the beginning of a 13 year-long effort to build a brand new, $21 million Fire Rescue Center, which will double the size of the existing

  • 97 AMW Construction: Road to a Higher Quality of Life

    Roads are necessary for traveling in the modern world, so maintaining them is critical. Over time, road quality can degrade and require anything from small repairs to complete reconstruction.In early 2018, the 97th Civil Engineer Squadron enacted a seven-phase plan to ensure the roads are the safest