The 97 AMW/CC has developed and implemented on-station guidance governing use and control of POWs (Privately Owned Weapons) in accordance with DOD policy, DAFI 31-101, MAJCOM guidance, local conditions, federal, state and local laws.  Commanders will take reasonable, necessary and lawful measures to maintain good order, discipline and security.  This includes the authority to deny access to, detain or remove individuals who threaten the safety or orderly administration of the installation. 

Photo of Air Force Member in an Armory


All personnel that reside on-base and who have POW/POF stored on the installation are required to register their POW/POF  with the SF Armory within 72 hours of purchase or arrival on the installation. The SF Armory can be reached at (580) 481-5885. 

Unit Commanders will also ensure each person registering a firearm for storage on the installation signs a DD Form 2760, Qualification to Possess Firearms or Ammunition.

All personnel with registered firearms will out-process through the SF Armory when departing for PCS, separation or when transferring ownership of the stored items.  POW/POF must be deregistered when sold or permanently removed from the installation.



POW/POF (Privately Owned Weapon/ Privately Owned Firearms) may be transported in a vehicle only when the vehicle is going directly to or from an authorized storage area or an area where the firearms may be legally used for recreational purposes. When transporting POW/POF, they must be unloaded, the ammunition and weapon must be separated and not accessible to the driver or other passengers in the vehicle.  Weapons must not be concealed when in the vehicle (weapons maintained in a locked trunk or bed of a vehicle are not considered concealed).

Trusted Transportation: Properly credentialed personnel will be authorized to retain/transport POW/POFs in their vehicles and will not be required to load/unload concealed firearms prior to entering and exiting Altus AFB. Proper credentials can be identified as Federal credentials, Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) credentials, Self Defense Act License, Oklahoma’s driver’s license/resident ID card with their military ID card (IAW OK SB35) or holders of reciprocating state concealed carry license (CCL) equivalents.

Carry and Use

Personnel may carry their concealed POF on the installation when in possession of Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA) credentials and identified with the SF LEOSA representative at (580) 481-7242.

Individuals may carry hunting and fishing knives on base only when going to or returning from hunting or fishing. Individuals may carry bows and arrows, crossbows and bolts to and from hunting or archery events. Aircrew members are authorized to carry a survival knife IAW AFI 11-301V1 Aircrew Flight Equipment (AFE) Program, as long as it remains a standard part of the flight uniform. Individuals will never use, possess, sell, transfer, or bring weapons or explosives onto Altus AFB unless in conjunction with an approved military activity or as provided for in this or any other directive.

Personnel may temporarily withdraw POW/POF for a period not to exceed 72 hours. Personnel withdrawing firearms and ammunition must return them to the SF Armory immediately after use.  POW/POF may be withdrawn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Members who have valid TDY, PCS or valid leave and wishes to permanently withdraw to travel off the installation with their POW/POF (Privately Owned Weapon/ Privately Owned Firearms) are authorized to withdraw for longer than 72 hour period.

Weapons will not be drawn by personnel who, have had their firearms placed in the armory by order of their commander, in the opinion of SF Armory personnel, are under the influence of alcohol, suffering from emotional distress, or demonstrating other similar symptoms.

Individuals will not discharge any type of weapon on Altus AFB.

Weapons FAQ


Personnel are not allowed to possess or store weapons or ammunition within dormitories, transient quarters, personally owned or government vehicles.  POW/POF (Privately Owned Weapon/ Privately Owned Firearms) or ammunition of any type will not be brought, possessed, stored, or used in any building, vehicle, or area on Altus AFB at any time.  The SF Armory is the only designated storage location on Altus AFB for those personnel not authorized to keep POW/POF and ammunition at their residence.

NOTE: Dormitory managers have established areas for non-firearm weapon storage. The storage of cases, covers, boxes, and non-firearm-type items such as bows, arrows, swords, knives, scopes, martial arts weapons, etc., in the SF Armory is prohibited. Personnel residing in Balfour Beatty Communities are authorized to store POWs within their assigned housing unit.  Guests of personnel residing in Balfour Beatty Communities will store POW/POF either in the residence they are visiting or in the SF Armory.

Prohibited Weapons

(1) Short-barrel firearms (excluding handguns) which include rifles with a barrel length less than 16 inches, shotguns with a barrel length less than 18 inches or any weapons made from a shotgun or a rifle which, when altered, has an overall length of less than 26 inches. 

(2) Any firearm with a suppressor.

(3) Brass knuckles and switchblade knives.

(4) Machine guns or automatic firing weapons.

NOTE: ATF approval is required for rifles with a barrel length less than 16 inches and suppressors


It is everyone’s responsibilities to notify the appropriate agencies (i.e., SFS/OSI) of any violations of the base POW/POF (Privately Owned Weapon/ Privately Owned Firearms) policy.  DO NOT attempt to confront any individual in violation of the policy, for the purpose of notifications the Base Defense Operations Center (BDOC) will serve as focal point and can be reached at (580) 481-7444.

Whenever in contact with installation security/law enforcement personnel, incident to a lawful stop, search, or inspection on Altus AFB, all persons must declare possession of any POW/POF.