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Q: The base pool, like many other bases, has a 15-minute "adult only" swim time every hour where children have to leave the pool and slides, and wait it out in the kiddie pool. The main reason I go to the pool is for the entertainment of my children, so spending a quarter of the time there with the pool and slides off-limits to them is not ideal. I don't think we really get in the way of the adults. I can't speak for everyone, but I always see a lot of families there, who I suspect would agree. Does the commander have any discretion for this policy? Could we do a survey on whether to change it? If so, could we choose to reduce or eliminate the adult swim?

A: Dear Altus Team Member,

Thank you for the opportunity to address your question.
Adult swim periods serve multiple purposes that aren't always readily apparent. Most importantly, it provides our strongest intervention in the management of exhausted children, who without rest, present the potential for water struggle/drowning and it also helps with the management/prevention of fecal/urine/vomit from children eagerly committed to their play in the water. Early in a swim season, it also helps with management of hyperthermia; it does not take much exposure for younger children in waters less than 75 degrees for this to occur. In addition, Air Force guidance requires us to provide at least a 10 minute break each hour for lifeguards. This is a safety protocol to ensure that maximum focus from our guard staff is maintained. Lastly, the 15 minute time isn't limited to adults only, it also provides time for parents with children under 3 years of age to enjoy the "big" pool together.

Thank you again for your submission to my Commander's Corner.

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Q: I actually have one question and one concern. My concern is in regards to the lawn care in base housing. My wife and I have been stationed here for almost 4 years, and we have lived on base our entire tour here. Within those 4 years this is by far the worst lawn care contractor there has ever been. My wife plants flowers in front of our house in the flower bed and the lawn care people came through with their weed eaters and cut them all down. They do not mow the grass on a regular basis and when they do mow the grass they go so fast it actually tears up the lawn as opposed to making the yard look nicer. I understand it is a lot to ask for a contractor to cut all the grass in base housing however, I take a lot of pride in how my house looks and would hope the lawn care contractor would take some pride in their work.

My question is in regards to the giant voice/weather alarm. I live in the most north west corner of the base. Is there any possibility of getting a giant voice/weather alarm installed in that general area. I deployed last year and the weather was not very nice and my wife said that a tornado touched down in Blair, and if it had made its way to Altus she never would have heard the alarm go off. We have 2 alert radios in the house one in the kitchen and one in our bedroom but in my mind the more alarms the better our chances. Not only can we not hear the weather alerts but also in most cases we cannot hear revile, retreat, or taps.

A: Dear Team Member,

Thank you for your question, your concern, and the pride you take in your home's appearance. We share that pride. To that end, Balfour Beatty Communities (BBC) strives to provide quality service to housing residents, and they welcome feedback. If the lawn maintenance contractor has caused damage to your yard or personal property, please notify the BBC Community Manager or Facility Manager as soon as possible so they can respond and view the damage. BBC will then arrange for the contractor to repair the damaged area to its original condition. You can contact the BBC Community Manager, Mr. Johnson, at 379-4002 and the BBC Facility Manager, Mr. Carter, at 482-0073 during regular duty hours.

In answer to your question, Giant Voice is intended to be heard outdoors. In fact, Command Post, the Communications Squadron, and the Civil Engineer Squadron coordinate to ensure it can be heard at all locations outdoors on base. The weather radios provide indoor notification. While there are not currently any plans to build additional Giant Voice towers, there are other ways to keep your family informed of weather alerts, such as smart phone apps, police scanners, and the ATHOC system. The CE Emergency Management Office will gladly discuss these alternatives, and they can be reached at 481-5388.

Thank you again for utilizing my Commander's Corner.

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