97th Healthcare Operations Squadron


The Healthcare Operations Squadron has oversight over Resource Management, TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration, Medical Information Systems, Medical Logistics, Medical Readiness, Pharmacy, Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging.

Resource Management plans, programs, allocates and accounts for all 97th Medical Group manpower and operating funds by performing billing and collecting, data analysis, workload accounting, business planning and other related functions.

TRICARE Operations and Patient Administration (TOPA) plans, develops and implements the managed care program to include beneficiary and provider services, analysis and utilization management, and interaction with the regional managed care program (TRICARE).

Information Systems administers to all medical computer systems to ensure the latest innovations in technology for the advancement of patient care.  Acquisitions and systems maintenance guarantees future requirements and expectations in user data enhancements are met.

Medical Logistics provides materiel, both medical and non-medical, equipment, maintenance and services, and manages war reserve materiel and transportation in support of the medical mission. In addition, it is responsible for facility management and maintaining a vibrant safety program.

Medical Readiness manages the planning, scheduling and tracking of the unit's peacetime/wartime disaster response/mobility training and schedules medical group disaster and contingency exercises. They are the readiness advisor to the Group Commander. They oversees maintenance of unit mobility program. In addition, medical readiness develops and monitors comprehensive medical contingency plans and support agreements with wing agencies.

The Pharmacy manages accurate processing and dispensing of over 70,000 prescriptions annually, assuring medications are selected and utilized in a safe and effective manner.


The Lab is a fully accredited by College of American Pathologists (CAP) and provides 20,000 annual lab tests for the facility and its patient population.

The Diagnostic Imaging team provides 1100 radiology exposures annually for its patient population.

(Current as of Aug 2017)