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Q: A tree at the base skate park fell on the breaker box for the lights when the snow storm hit. The tree has been cleared, but the breaker box and another box of wires were smashed and won't close. I think the power is cut off from them because the lights don't work, but I'm still concerned that someone at the skate park will try to fix lights or a child playing at the youth center will mess with the boxes and get hurt. Can we get the lights fixed and have the boxes replaced to keep the kids safe?


A: Thank you for asking about a potential safety issue remaining from the December ice storm.  Fortunately, the 97th Civil Engineer Squadron has already assessed the situation and turned off the power to eliminate any safety concerns.  Additionally, they've ordered the parts to make the repairs with an anticipated delivery date within the next 3 weeks.  Once the parts arrive, the base electricians will work with the City of Altus to reconnect the lighting power to the city's transformer.  This coordination is necessary because the transformer belongs to the city. Again, thank you for asking this question. The safety of our housing residents, especially our children, is paramount.

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