Why I Stay Blue: Capt. Tyler Stout

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Kayla Christenson
  • 97th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

Capt. Tyler Stout, 97th Air Mobility Wing executive officer, from Mishawaka, Indiana, commissioned in 2019 from the United States Air Force Academy and plans to stay for the foreseeable future.

Stout explained that volunteering within the kids and youth ministries at his local church inspired him to serve others.

“I had the opportunity to pursue seminary or join the Air Force,” he said. “After mentorship and prayer, I decided the Air Force would be a way to challenge myself and continue serving others in a highly impactful way.”

Stout said his daily motivation to serve is rooted in the opportunity to support and defend the Constitution.

“It's a privilege to wake up, put on a uniform, and know our work significantly impacts the Air Force and this nation,” he said. “Additionally, I love the problem-solving aspect of my job. Above all, it brings me joy to help others succeed and grow. What greater motivation than to daily care for our Airmen?”

Stout explained his reasons for staying in the Air Force are because he is having fun exploring the world and doing his job at Mobility’s Hometown with his wife, Kasey.

“My wife and I believe we are in the exact spot God wants us, at the precise time, for a specific reason,” he said. “What a blessing to be here and shape the future of our Air Force.”