Gaining access to Altus AFB

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Franklin R. Ramos
  • 97th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

Any non-military person or civilian that tries to come through Altus AFB’s gates must first visit the 97th Security Forces Squadron Pass and Identification Office before they can enter.

Individuals who do not have a Department of Defense ID card must go through Pass and ID to receive clearance to enter the base.

“Pass and ID is the place where people get a pass or badge to enter Altus AFB,” said Senior Airman Katelyn Ortiz-Bloecher, 97th Security Forces Squadron Pass and Identification installation access clerk. “We do background checks to ensure potentially dangerous people are not entering the base.”

Pass and ID conducts background checks on visitors before they enter the base as a mandatory security measure to help keep Altus AFB and its members safe.

“Our job here is important because it’s another level of security,” said Ortiz-Bloecher “We are allowing access to people who normally would not be on a military installation. They come to us and we check their history to make sure they’re clear to go through.” 

Different measures are taken depending on the wing’s Force Protection Condition. As of now everyone who does not have base access must get an escorted or an unescorted pass. Base sponsors who are escorting individuals must remain with them at all times. Passes may be authorized up to 60 days.

On average around 40 passes and badges are created daily.

“The passes and badges provided are based off the intent of the person needing one,” said Ortiz-Bloecher. “We don’t do military CAC’s or dependent cards which can be confusing for some. We deal more with visitors and contractors.”

A system failure at Pass and ID can potentially cause a delay in mission readiness.

“The mission would be delayed if we were not here to help do all the background checks especially with all the construction projects that are going on now,” said Myra Sweat, 97th Security Forces Squadron Pass and Identification installation access clerk. “If any of our systems go down there’s not another office that is setup to do any of the screenings we do on workers before they come on base.”

Individuals who were convicted of sexual assault, armed robbery, rape, child molestation, child pornography, trafficking in humans, drug possession with intent to sell or distribute will be automatically denied. However, individuals who were convicted of a crime not listed may be allowed on base depending on the crime and how much time has passed after the conviction.

“We deny for these convictions no matter the amount of time. Some of them have time frames that we deny for but if you have any of these in your criminal history we’ll deny you from base,” said Sweat. “Also if the agency that arrested you has not put in any information and it just says pending or referred to prosecutor we will not allow you on base until that case has been taken care of.”

For more information about base passes contact the Pass and ID office Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.  at 580-481-6340.