• Altus Airman's relentless drive earns him selection for OTS

    He works eight hours, comes home and spends time with his family. Then it is time for school. After doing school work until 2 a.m. he gets just a few hours of sleep before he has to get up again for work at 5 a.m.This is only a glimpse of the dedication Staff Sgt. Nicholas Carver, 97th Medical

  • Altus AFB embraces C3 initiative, saving AF millions of dollars

    Faced with current and future budget constraints, the commander of Air Education and Training Command Gen. Edward A. Rice Jr. identified the need to develop a cost-conscious culture and Airmen from Altus AFB have answered the call by saving the Air Force approximately $26 million."I think we all

  • What are you snacking on?

    With health and nutrition becoming more popular, making intelligent food choices is easier. This is true when it comes to building a healthy meal, but what are people reaching for in their drawers at work or purchasing at vending machines? Snacks. Tara Beth Johnson, 97th Medical Group Nutrition

  • Floss, brush, smile!

    Food debris from breakfast, lunch and dinner builds-up on and in-between teeth throughout the day. Most people brush their teeth in the morning and at night before going to bed. But brushing alone will not get rid of all food debris.The 97th Dental Squadron is raising awareness of cavity and gum

  • Airmen survive motorcycle crash thanks to PPE and Wingmen

    "When I woke up in the ambulance, the paramedic took my helmet and shoved it in my face and said 'if you hadn't been wearing this we would be scraping your brains up off the pavement and you would be dead,'" Maj. Adam Travis recalled of a motorcycle ride that could have been his last.This fiscal

  • 97th SFS Defender on the Line downrange

    The population of Bagram Airfield represents a true "melting pot" of the ongoing international effort to support stability in Afghanistan. Servicemembers from America's four major military branches, military members from several NATO member nations, civilians, and even Afghans, all work together

  • U.S. service members participate in Operation Good Samaritan

    Imagine not knowing if your next meal was guaranteed. You sleep in a room packed with other children, there is no running water, your bathroom is just a hole in the ground and to top it off you have no parents.The conditions above are exactly how the 23 children of the Good Samaritan Orphanage were

  • Air Refueling: it's a family thing

    "He would tell us stories about Vietnam, talk about all the crazy people he's met, the things he's done, and the places he's been to. I absolutely look up to my Papa Ted."Airman 1st Class Kayla Whorley, 97th Training Squadron boom operator student, always looked up to her grandfather, Chief Master

  • 97th MDSS Airmen jumped, spiked, and volleyed for Gold

    When an opportunity to try out for the Air Force Women's Volleyball team presented itself, two members of the 97th Medical Support Squadron jumped at it.Capt. Virginia L. Aguilar, 97th MDSS medical logistics flight commander, and Capt. Sally L. To, 97th MDSS pharmacy services chief, both earned

  • Fireworks prohibited in Altus city limits

    Independence Day is here and everybody is ready for barbecues, parties, and fireworks. However, fireworks are prohibited on base and within the Altus city limits.According to the City of Altus Ordinance No. 2006-07, "it shall be unlawful and an offense for any person to use pyrotechnic special