97 AMW conducts annual tenant online survey

  • Published
  • By Brian Bush
  • 97th Air Mobility Wing

Five minutes of your time could make the difference for your family and families just like yours for years to come.

The Air Force has contracted an independent, third-party survey firm to administer the DoD Annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey for all Air Force controlled privatized housing sites. The survey began on December 8, 2020. All housing residents in Air Force privatized housing projects will receive a link to access the survey via email. Residents will have until January 22, 2021 to submit their assessments.

The survey is brief, and your feedback is critical. Completing the survey also qualifies you for a prize drawing with prizes ranging from $75 to $150 in value.

By using an independent third party, Airmen and families will be able to provide their open, honest and anonymous impressions of living in the Air Force privatized housing projects. The survey is anonymous, and data will be shared with Air Force housing program leaders and project owners to continue improving privatized housing experience. CEL & Associates, Inc., (CEL), will administer the survey, which will be made available to all residents living in privatized housing.

Housing continues to be a positive quality of life program supporting Airmen and their families. The data and comments gathered via the survey are taken very seriously as they shape the evolution of improvements that advance the Air Force housing portfolio that is provided to service members and their families. In order to ensure the program continues to provide residents with the best possible housing experience, residents are encouraged to complete the Annual DoD Housing Resident Satisfaction Survey. The survey is vital to the Air Force in shaping the housing services needed to ensure the health and safety of Airmen living with the program. When a sites feedback rating is calculated below the key performance indicator threshold, the Military Housing Office or project owner responsible for that community is required to submit a Corrective Action Plan to Air Force leadership. The Air Force reviews the plan for details on how the site plans to not only improve the areas of deficit performance, but sustain the improvements over the coming years.

Residents should have received an email by 10 December with a link to the survey.  If you have not received the survey email, please follow these steps:

  1. Check your spam folder. The initial email came from AirForceHousingSurvey@celassociates.com.
  2. Check with your spouse, partner, or other household member(s) to determine if they received the email. (Each household may only complete one survey.)
  3. If no one in your household has received the survey email, contact CEL via email at AirForceHousingSurvey@celassociates.com to obtain a survey link.

When you email CEL you must include your Installation name and complete street address including unit number, if applicable. Note: CEL is requesting your address information only to look up your home’s Survey ID, this will ensure each household only completes one survey. The survey results are confidential and anonymous. Only CEL has access to your survey responses, so please express your true opinions and thoughts. The results are provided to the military and partners in a summarized format only.

For additional information related to the survey, Airmen living privatized housing communities can reach out to their installation’s Military Housing Office.