Cyber Threats: Are you secure?

  • Published
  • By Air Education and Training Command
  • Computer Systems Squadron
Cyber threats are an ever-increasing issue in today's technological environment - both at home and at work. Adversaries are constantly and tirelessly looking to capitalize not only on vulnerabilities in our computers and networks, but also in our vigilance to protect them and the information contained therein. All users must maintain an ongoing awareness of cyber threats and exercise basic cyber security best-practices. As a reminder, the following are actions needed to maintain a safer cyber environment:

· Always have physical control of your Common Access Cards at all times

· Create secure passwords and never write them down

· Do not reveal any personal information or passwords via email

· Do not click on embedded links in e-mails unless you are sure where they are going

· Do not misuse government computers (no viewing or downloading pornography, gambling, or loading unauthorized software)

· Do not use thumb-drives or connect any unauthorized USB devices such as E-readers and MP3 players to government computers

· Properly label CD/DVDs to avoid accidental cross-network contamination

· Do not use government approved external devices at home, and do not use home-use devices on government computers

· Use caution on social networking sites. Do not post sensitive information; use strong passwords; be cautious of who you accept as friends and their possible affiliations

· Exercise extreme caution when using web-mail. Using web-mail can expose your system to viruses and malware

For more information on cyber security, please visit the Information Assurance tutorial on the Advanced Learning Distribution Service site , or contact your Information Assurance Office or local Communications Squadron.