Military Personnel Data System Upgrade

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During the month of December 2012 the Air Force Personnel Center will be required to comply with Department of Defense regulations by upgrading the Military Personnel Data System and transferring it into the Defense Information Systems Agency's Defense Enterprise Computing Center.

This upgrade and migration will require MilPDS to be unavailable beginning 3 December 2012 for approximately 23 days.

How does this affect you? Several essential personnel and pay systems, education and training systems, and transactional applications will be impacted during the downtime because they rely on data from MilPDS. Whether you are due to retire, separate, or reenlist, appropriate actions must be taken earlier than the usual time frame.

Some non-critical pay-affecting updates will be performed post-upgrade.

Here are a few personnel actions that Airmen must consider before downtime:

If an Airman is considering any of the following during December 2012 Submit Application to:

Scheduling Oral Proficiency Interview test for Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus
  • FSS NLT: 15-Sep-12
Applying for Reenlistment / Extension or Separation
  • FSS NLT: 29-Oct-12
Completing a Base of Preference application
  • AFPC NLT: 1-Nov-12
Completing an In-Place Base of Preference application
  • AFPC NLT: 2-Nov-12
Applying for Voluntary Retraining
  • AFPC NLT: 15-Nov-12
Scheduling Defense Language Proficiency Test for Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus
  • FSS NLT: 15-Nov-12
Updating Service Member's Group Life Insurance
  • FSS NLT: 16-Nov-12 / AFPC NLT: 16-Nov-12
Reenlisting (if delayed, SRB could pay in January 2013 & December 2013, which could increase income tax)
  • FSS NLT: 16-Nov-12 / AFPC NLT: 16-Nov-12
Extending current Enlistment
  • FSS NLT: 16-Nov-12 / AFPC NLT: 16-Nov-12
Base pay and entitlements managed by USAF finance offices will not be affected such as BAH, BAS, Hazardous Duty, Family Separation, etc. To avoid pay issues, FSS/MPS will send pay transaction data through AFPC directly to Defense and Accounting System for:

· Actions affecting start, stop, or continuation of base pay
· DOD benefits and entitlements
· Mobilization, demobilization, or participation of Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve

There will be a delay for non-critical pay-affecting updates until after the completion of the upgrade, however rest assured, you will be paid appropriately--albeit late.

For questions or concerns about the MilPDS migration, please contact MPS/Military Personnel Systems Management element at 481-6788.