Altus AFB Youth Programs help youth stay out of trouble

  • Published
  • By Kimberly Gilman
  • Air Force Services Directorate
School's out for the day ... Do you know where your youths are or what they are doing? They could be participating in fun and low-cost activities that will help them become positive, contributing members of the community at the Altus AFB Youth Programs.

The statistics below reveal some alarming data about afterschool hours.

· The hours between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. are the peak times for juvenile crime and experimentation of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, and sex. (Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, 2003)
· Teens who do not participate in afterschool programs are nearly three times more likely to skip classes than teens who do participate. They are also three times more likely to use marijuana or other drugs and are more likely to drink, smoke, and engage in sexual activity. (YMCA of the USA, 2001)

Altus AFB Youth Programs consistently provide activities and programs which communicate the expectation that every youth and teen has the potential to excel and achieve successes in their personal endeavors. The Altus AFB Youth Programs staff encourages, fosters and nourishes the dreams and aspirations of every youth.

Did you know our Youth Programs have been instrumental in helping youths achieve their goals?

Tianna Fish, Altus High School senior, represented Altus AFB in Washington D.C. for the Air Force Youth of the Year Award.

This is just one of the accomplishments and opportunities made possible through participating in our Youth Programs. We have a wide array of services and programs available and we ask youth, teens and parents to check us out this fall.

For details about local events contact the Altus AFB Youth Programs at 481-7903.

We are here for you...YP after's the place to be.