Do your part in reducing spending

  • Published
  • By Richard Snelling
  • 97th Maintenance Directorate
 We've all heard about Cost Conscious Culture and how we need to do our part in order to complete the mission so we can live within new budget restraints. It won't be easy, but it's to our advantage to reduce spending and learn to live within our means. Our working environment is changing even as you read this.

In the past, temporary duty assignments to enhance the mission were automatic, supplies were bought in advance and parts to meet the mission were on hand--not anymore. I can tell you, as a maintainer, we deal with less and it's more evident each day that it's not ending soon.

Everyone talks about doing their part to save money and manpower. The question is, is it real savings or just a bullet for an award or appraisal? I think you can identify real savings as a reduction in your budget. If it's true savings, then you can live without it. So many times I hear about cost savings and it doesn't affect the unit at all--meaning no money turned back or transferred to enhance the mission. As units claim savings, the money or the manpower positions need to be turned in to be relocated, so it becomes a more effective operation.

As we get deeper and deeper into cost cutting, don't be that blocker. By being a blocker, I'm referring to not encouraging change and not instituting changes that bring savings.

It's frustrating to see individuals receiving small pay raises, no pay raises, furlough, and seeing aircraft sitting on the ground due to lack of funds. I believe the money is there.

How do you encourage real change? Be positive, don't be lazy and think somebody else will stumble on a savings that you know exists. Encourage your fellow Airmen to think out of the box and put together new processes. The true effect of change is a process that can be used over and over again and continues to show savings. Don't be the blocker.

At all levels, you need to take the lead, don't wait're the expert. In all of the "real" money and manpower saving ideas, you know where the fat could be trimmed or streamlined.

What tools are available? Visit the Air Education and Training Command C3 SharePoint for more information regarding C3 and how you can do your part!