The next step…

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Jeffrey W. Nelson
  • 58th Airlift Squadron
Completing a challenging event that absorbs a large amount of energy and time causes one to think about what they did prior to the event to take up all their time. The transition back to a normal routine is challenging and sometimes causes anxiety because being extremely busy has been the routine. I offer three pieces of advice to acknowledge the challenge recently completed and aid in the transition to a new reality.

First, be proud of your accomplishments, but not too proud. Take the time to acknowledge the hard work you have done to complete the project, course or inspection. In doing so, do not be so proud that you allow yourself to forget the efforts of others that helped get you though the challenging event. Thank those around you that helped you achieve the milestone, including your organization.

Second, take time to rest and recover. While the mission will continue, everyone needs to take some time to rest and recover from the long days that were inevitably needed to get through the event. The rest may range from an afternoon off to a long weekend at home or a vacation. Regardless of the amount of time that you are able to take off from work, the rest and recovery period is important for you and your family. Preparation for the project, course or inspection probably drew your attention away from your loved ones for a period of time and now it is time to acknowledge that sacrifice with more time with them.

After being proud of your accomplishments and resting, it is time to get to work. The work I am referring to is not the same work you were doing before the challenging event. I am talking about taking all that you learned while preparing for the project, going through the course, or preparing for the inspection and put that new knowledge to work to make your organization better. If we merely go back to our normal routine, we lose out on all the experience and growth gained by the challenging event.

The transition back to a normal routine after a challenging event may be more challenging than the event itself. To aid in the transition, be proud of your accomplishment, take time to rest and recover, and then get to work. We are all counting on you!