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  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Kenneth W. Norman
  • 97th AMW Public Affairs
One of the most useful tools for sharing information is the social media share button, said Tech. Sgt. Jennifer D. Seidl, NCO in charge of the 97th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs here. But it seems as if some people are afraid of using the share button because they don't know what it is or how to use it.

There is no reason to be afraid of using the share button. The share button is a tool to help people share information they find interesting and is simple to use.

When people find something that's interesting or important, they can share it with others using the Share button, according to AOL help. People can use the Share button to publish the page to their Website, social networking site, such as Lifestream, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter or blog such as Blogger,, TypePad and Tumblr.

When people use the Share button they can email content without signing into their e-mail account and save the Web page to their favorites in Internet Explorer.

People can use the AddThis or Share button to share with their friends' Web site, blogs, e-mail newsletters, MySpace profiles, Microsoft Office Live Workspaces and even embedded content, such as videos.

"The share button makes sharing information you like fast and simple," said Seidl.

The share button is often located above or below an article, said Seidl. It will usually be a box with the word share written in either all caps or bold font, followed by the logos of social media Web sites.

"I urge you to log on to a Web site where you commonly see share buttons like Yahoo, the Washington Post, Reuters, MSNBC, CNN, etc. and expand the share button. You might see some cool looking icons for popular social media sites; for example, Facebook, Twitter, Digg, De.licious, Reddit, and many others, said Melissa Gonzalez, a search engine marketing specialist for an internet marketing company on her Web site. "If you are a member of any of these sites, and chances are you're probably a member of at least one, you can take the material you are viewing and submit it on any one of these sites allowing others to see it too."

People can share a Web page using e-mail, some popular networking sites e.g., Lifestream and Facebook, social bookmarking sites and more. If they would like to share the Web page using a social networking or bookmarking site, make sure they are signed on to the Web site and follow the instructions below.

On the Web page a person would like to share, click the Share, + button or icon of the social networking service he plans to use.

If he is not signed into the social network he plans to share on, he will be prompted to sign in, also he may be prompted to write a message accompanying his shared Web page.

The share button is one of the most useful tools for sharing information. There is no reason to be afraid of it.