Animals on Altus AFB

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Christopher Arnold
  • 97 Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs
 There is a variety of wildlife on Altus Air Force Base and with on-going construction disrupting habitats you may eventually come in contact with some.

What are some of the persistent problems here on base when it comes to wildlife?

"You get a lot of skunks...Not really wildlife, feral cats; feral cats are obviously a huge problem. Cats and skunks are probably the biggest, we get occasional snakes and seen a couple of porcupines, but the skunks and cats are the biggest problem." said Staff Sgt. Garry Franklin, Non Commissioned Officer in Charge 97th Civil Engineer Entomology.

There are dogs, squirrels, small rodents, birds, turtles, lizards, frogs and other small critters on base. Rabbits are very common on base; they can be seen almost anywhere. Then there is the protected Mississippi Kites.

"The kites are definitely a problem here, they nest in the trees and they're very protective of their nests. When you're running along the track here it doesn't take much to get close and they will swoop down on you. It's kind of hard to avoid the trees but be aware of them, pay attention. There are signs at various points on the base letting you know that kites are a problem. Keep your head on the swivel. There's nothing you can really do to prevent them from diving short of just staying away from the trees. Obviously if you're running on certain parts of the base you have no choice. But if you have the option of going through the trees or going around, I would definitely go around." said Staff Sgt. Franklin.

What do I do when I see an animal where it shouldn't be?

· Do not approach
· Do not feed
· Do not panic

If you happen to run into a situation where you have a wild animal (anything except a dog) that's out of place in your yard, around your home, or if you're living in the dorms and it's near your room, call the Civil Engineering customer service help desk 481-6606. If you have a dog issue you can contact animal control off base at (580) 481-2285.

What animals are authorized on base?

"Only two walking pets are allowed per home, and certain breeds are restricted at Altus Air Force Base: Akita, Chow, doberman, pit bull, Rottweiler, American Staffordshire terriers, English Staffordshire bull terriers, wolf hybrids or any other breed with dominant traits geared toward aggression." said Chelsea Pearson, Lifeworks Resident Specialist for Balfour Beatty Communities.

If you're an Airman living in the dorms on base the only authorized pets are fish.

For more information wildlife on base call Civil Engineering Entomology department, 481-7406. For more on pet care call the base veterinarian, 481-5221. For information on housing and pets call Balfour Betty Communities, 379-4002.