AAFB Antiterrorism/Aircraft Hijacking Exercise

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The 97th Air Mobility Wing will be conducting an Antiterrorism/Aircraft Hijacking Exercise the week of 15-19 November 2021.  

Exercise alerts over the giant voice system and alert radio messages will be throughout the week. At times, some Altus AFB facilities will be conducting single point of entry checks. Installation Entry Points will not be affected. Emergency response vehicles and first responders will be responding accordingly for this exercise.

Exercises of this nature are critical for evaluating Department of Defense response actions to an Antiterrorism incident and to prepare for this in the most realistic manner.  Base and community personnel have been and will continue to be intently focused on improving response plans for the safety of everyone on the installation.  For further information about the exercise contact the 97th Public Affairs Office at (580) 481-7700.