• Be careful of what you post on post

    Imagine going through your Facebook feed and stumbling upon a friend’s post. They are making a second income by selling protein powder. Their post shows them in uniform at their work center with the caption “The only way to get strong in the U.S. military is to use Military Protein Mix.” Later the

  • Not our first ATSO Rodeo

    ALTUS AIR FORCE BASE, Okla. --Could you put on a gas mask, bibs, a heavy jacket, rubber boots and gloves in eight minutes or less? What if it meant life or death?Members of the armed forces must be able to don all of their protective gear in eight minutes in case of a chemical, biological,

  • Making it fast to run easy; Changing your fitness perspective

    “I’ll get an excellent when they pay me extra for it.” “75.1% is trying too hard.” “If they wanted the minimum to be 80%, they would have made the minimum 80%.” “I’m just not built for running.” Have you ever heard (or used) these excuses for not doing so hot on the run in the physical fitness test?

  • Honorary Commanders Stand Up at Altus

    Altus Air Force Base welcomed 27 Southwest Oklahoma community members into the honorary commander program during an induction ceremony at Altus Air Force Base, March 24, 2017. After a formal introduction and dinner at the Freedom Community Center on the installation, more than two dozen civic

  • 97th TRS Students Forge New Legacies

    Students with the 97th Training Squadron volunteered their time and efforts by clearing the hiking trails at Quartz Mountain Nature Park on March 11, 2017.

  • National Disability Employment Awareness Month

    National Disability Employment Awareness Month is here and Altus Air Force Base is a proud supporter and participant. NDEAM was recently established, but the campaign has been going on much longer.

  • Training for Decontamination

    Altus Air Force Base and Sheppard Air Force Base Airmen receive training for In-Place Patient Decontamination.

  • Recharge with Outdoor Rec

    With an average of 300 days of flyable weather, open sky and a radius of nearly 10 miles of flat treeless land, Altus, Okla., is a perfect aircrew training environment. But what is there to offer for off-duty time?Altus Air Force Base Outdoor Recreation is equipped with plenty of equipment and