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Today’s 97th Maintenance Group began its modern organizational history when Military Airlift Command’s 443rd Military Airlift Wing and Strategic Air Command’s 340th Air Refueling Wing combined on October 1, 1992, to create the 97th Air Mobility Wing under Air Mobility Command. On July 1, 1993, the 97th Air Mobility Wing realigned under Air Education and Training Command. The 97th Logistics Group, aligned under the newly formed wing, was the predecessor of today’s 97th Maintenance Group. On July 1, 1996, the 97th Logistics Group began transition from a military to a civil service organization. On August 30, 2002, the 97th Logistics Group inactivated and the 97th Air Mobility Wing Maintenance Directorate formed along with five subordinate divisions. On November 1, 2017, the 97th Maintenance Group was activated to replace the Maintenance Directorate, aligning the 97th Air Mobility Wing’s aircraft maintenance function with standard Air Force organizational structure.