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97th Air Mobility Wing

97th Air Mobility Wing

97th Ops Group

Plans and executes C-17, KC-135 formal school initial and advanced specialty training programs for up to 3000 students annually. Sustains C-17, KC-135 airland, airdrop and air refueling mobility forces providing global reach for combat and contingency operations. Provides air traffic control and weather forecasting for flying operations.

97th Medical Group

Ensures maximum wartime readiness and combat capability by promoting the health, safety and morale of active duty personnel. Staffs, trains, mobilizes and provides medical services in support of contingency operations worldwide. Develops and operates a prevention-oriented, cost-effective managed healthcare system for over 9.500 beneficiaries, increasing wellness in the local community. 

97th Medical Group

97th Mission Support

The 97th Mission Support Group provides mission support for C-17, KC-135 aircraft and base wide infrastructure to include communications, civil engineering, law enforcement, force/fire protection, contracting, disaster response, environmental, lodging, transportation, recreation, supply, education, mobility, food service and family & personnel support.

97th MX Directorate

The 97 AMW/MX (A-Team) mission is to provide quality maintenance and support to all KC-135R and C-17 aircraft and provide the same quality maintenance support to transient aircraft, engines and associated ground equipment. To provide quality backshop support to all three aircraft while continuously improving environmental awareness and effectively managing maintenance resources, allowing the 97th Air Mobility Wing to perform its aircrew training mission.

97th Maintenance Directorate