• 97 AMW Airmen compete in first Lip Sync Battle

    Airmen from the 97th Air Mobility Wing competed in the base’s first-ever Lip Sync Battle, Jan. 29, 2021, at Club Altus.
  • Air Force announces Airmen leadership qualities

    The Airman leadership qualities are expected to form the basis for the future officer and enlisted performance reporting systems. The alignment between evaluating units and evaluating Airmen is intended to further emphasize and accelerate an understanding and adoption of the associated leadership qualities.
  • Assisting in personal hardships: the RTA program

    In the U.S. Air Force, the four pillars of resilience are mental, physical, social, and spiritual wellbeing. These four pillars are the foundation of the Air Force Resilience Training Program used by Resilience Training Assistants and Master Resilience Trainers to help Airmen overcome challenges in their everyday lives. An RTA is an Airman who is trained to aid other Airmen in developing resiliency skills.
  • Altus AFB breaks ground on new Fire Rescue Center

    Officials broke ground on a new construction project during the Fire Rescue Center ceremony on Jan. 26, 2021 at Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma. The ceremony marked the beginning of a 13 year-long effort to build a brand new, $21 million Fire Rescue Center, which will double the size of the existing center.
  • Altus AFB remembers Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield

    Jan. 17 - Feb. 28 marks the 30th anniversary of Operation Desert Storm. Units from Mobility's Hometown aided in leading the largest air campaign since World War II to enforce a UN resolution that demanded Iraq’s withdrawal from Kuwait. In total, Altus C-5s and C-141s deployed 12,207 passengers and more than 1.4 million tons of cargo. Overall, Altus
  • From Airmen to Guardians: 6 Altus Airmen transfer into U.S. Space Force

    Six Airmen from Altus Air Force Base, Oklahoma have been accepted into the U.S. Space Force and will transfer to the new branch by the end of 2021. On May 1, 2020, the USSF opened an application period, giving U.S. Air Force active duty members in eligible career fields the opportunity to transfer into the new service.
  • 97 MDG administers their first COVID-19 vaccines

    Airmen from the 97th Medical Group distributed their first batch of COVID-19 vaccines on Jan.15, 2021, at Altus Air Force Base. The medical group, along with the DoD is following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention prioritization guidelines for vaccine distribution to members of the base populace. The vaccine that the base received is administered in two doses 28 days apart. For the vaccine to work most effectively, members must follow up for their second dose.
  • 97th MXG leaders host honorary commanders for immersion day

    It isn’t every day that some civilian leaders get a behind-the-scenes look at what happens inside an Air Force base. On 14 January, 97th Maintenance Group leaders hosted 12 honorary commanders and gave them just that.
  • The eyes of the sky: RAPCON key to training mobility Airmen

    When thinking of airspace, one might assume that the chances of two aircraft colliding while in the air is pretty low. In reality, there are tens of thousands of planes in the air at any given point. Additionally, variables such as bad weather and low visibility make flying a feat that can’t be accomplished with aircrew alone. This is where the 97th Operational Support Squadron Radar Approach Control Flight comes in.
  • Planning for deployments - 97 IDRC prepares mobility Airmen

    Nearly every day, Airmen across the Air Force prepare to deploy around the world in support of air superiority for the defense and protection of our nation and national interests abroad.


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