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  • Boom Operator Symposium returns to Altus

    After last year’s event was canceled due to the coronavirus, boom operators from across the globe once again gathered at Altus AFB for the 41st Annual Boom Operator Symposium on September 17 – 18, 2021.
  • Valiant Women of the Vote: Refusing to be Silenced

    For many years, women have fought to have the same rights as their male counterparts. The 19th amendment, signed in 1920 by President Woodrow Wilson, allowed millions of women to move closer to equality in all aspects, to include voting rights, educational opportunities, and fairer wages.
  • Arming local teachers, police against PSB

    It’s a topic no one wants to talk about, but that doesn’t make the discussion any less necessary. It’s PSB, or Problematic Sexual Behavior, and educators face it quite often in their jobs. Problematic sexual behavior in youth is defined as behavior that involves using sexual or private body parts in an inappropriate or harmful way to the individual or individuals impacted by the behavior.
  • A run to remember: 97 AMW honors fallen “Port Dawgs”

    My name is Adrian, but most people know me as Senior Master Sgt. Holguin, the 97th Logistics Readiness Squadron Aerial Operations Flight superintendent. I have been a part of the Port Dawg Memorial Run planning committee since its inception in 2013.
  • Data as a weapon system: the foundation of tomorrow’s training squadron

    Launching a new database may not be as exciting as launching a new aircraft. However, when systems fail, aircraft cannot launch and the mission is impeded. That’s because today, our aircraft depend on zeros and ones as much as the jet fuel in the tanks. The student training mission at Altus Air Force Base revolves around a single critical component: the data. Behind every student’s training line number are hundreds of data points that verify the 97th Air Mobility Wing’s ability to deliver exceptionally trained Airmen to project combat power around the globe.
  • 97 AMW conducts annual tenant online survey

    The Air Force has contracted an independent, third-party survey firm to administer the DoD Annual Tenant Satisfaction Survey for all Air Force controlled privatized housing sites. The survey began on December 8, 2020. All housing residents in Air Force privatized housing projects will receive a link to access the survey via email. Residents will have until January 22, 2021 to submit their assessments.
  • Slow Breathing Techniques

    Don’t you hate it when you can’t seem to formulate the words you really wanted to say due to anger, stress, or anxiety? Did you know there are techniques, if practiced, which can help you improve your ability to think and speak more clearly when faced with moments of increased stress and/or anger?
  • Alcohol Abuse Prevention

    The month of April is designated nationally as Alcohol Awareness month. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus put a hiccup in some of the activities of the 97th Air Mobility Wing Medical Group’s Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment (ADAPT) program. This made me start to think about some of the unique stressors this pandemic has placed on each of us and how stressors like this can exacerbate some existing issues some of us may have already been going through. Many times alcohol can be the closest “friend” some people have and they turn to it in a myriad of situations. It is the constant in their lives when they are excited, happy, sad, lonely, bored, nervous or uncertain. The emotional ups and downs over the last month may be a mixture of many of these emotions, simultaneously for some, making it a time in which they have sought out refuge with alcohol.
  • Maintaining a spirit of excellence – A tribute to Black History Month

    What does Black History Month mean to me? Black History Month serves as a reminder of the struggles, challenges, and hardships which my family and others like me endured in America. This is a month to honor those who have paved the way for me and have triumphed during the darkest times in our history. I am U.S. Air Force Maj. Marshalria “Marsha” Vaughans, a native to Cleveland, Ohio, and Montgomery, Alabama. I am a wife and mother of three and this is my story.
  • Cyber-attack security – helpful tips, safe tricks

    While cyber-attacks are always happening and tensions are on the rise, everyone needs to keep in mind the best practices to counteract these types of measures in their daily duties. Individuals frequently tell themselves, “it can’t happen to me.” However, statistically, this is not the case. Below are a few ways users can minimize their own vulnerability from phishing or spam emails, which is one of those most common methods of compromise.
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