• 97th SFS Airman ensures secure flights in austere areas downrange

    "Rough landing in 15 minutes," the C-130J crew chief yelled as he passed the two security forces members sitting in jump seats of the Hercules aircraft. The security forces "Defenders" silently checked their weapons, adjusted their body armor and sat calmly. They braced themselves for the hard

  • 2011 Combined Federal Campaign

    The 2011 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) kicked off at Altus Air Force Base on September 6th. The CFC allows members of the military and government employees to donate money to worthy causes and help those less fortunate than themselves. The base's campaign goal is 100,000 dollars this year. "We

  • Altus Captain embarks on "Journey of Freedom" to honor fallen heroes

    "I am going to finish - whether I have to walk the last 50 miles or however far it is, I am going to finish ... I have told myself that. No one is going to let me stop, I have already told my family not to try and stop me. It is going to be very mentally and physically demanding," said Capt. Chris

  • Lifeline rescue plan

    Mr. Smith feels dizzy, light headed, all the blood is draining from his face, he starts to sweat, and then everything goes black. Everyone is shouting, but he hears nothing because he has passed out and fallen from the top of an aircraft. He is dangling by a harness that is cutting off circulation

  • 97th CES Airman works with Iraqi airmen downrange

    The establishment of the Iraqi Air Force Headquarters building at Joint Base Balad is another forward step toward the transition as part of the drawdown of U.S. forces in Iraq by the end of this year. A project to repair a fountain in front of the building recently began that is fostering

  • Altus PTLs raise bar for fitness

    In today's Air Force with physical training test parameters becoming more and more stringent, personal fitness can make or break an Airman's career. Airmen are not alone in their fight to maintain a healthy level of exercise and balanced diet. Each unit has a designated Physical Training Leader. It

  • Mighty 97th tanker gets towed by mighty man

    "We have the first officially sanctioned U.S. Air Force active duty jet to be pulled by a strongman in history," said Tech. Sgt. Phil Landram, 54th Air Refueling Squadron chief of scheduling.During the Battle Creek Air Show and Balloon Festival July 1-4 in Battle Creek, Mich., Strongman Mark Kirsch

  • Weather you want it or not, it's still going happen

    Rain hitting rooftops, flashes of light fill the sky followed by rolling thunder. The wind picks up as rain turns into ice, tapping on windows and vehicles.People scramble to get off the streets, and over the airwaves the order comes out: "Seek shelter!" Then the power goes out.Rain, sun, clouds,

  • Altus AFB volunteers provide support to Joplin, Mo.

    The evening of May 22 seemed like any other for Staff Sgt. Jason Smith, 97th Logistics Readiness Squadron unit deployment manager, until he turned on the news and learned that a devastating tornado had demolished Joplin, Mo. "I was just heartbroken after what I saw on television," Smith said. "Every

  • Altus AFB supports HIMARS joint training mission

    Altus Airmen partnered with their Army brethren from across southwest Oklahoma, west Texas and Alabama for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System training April 27.The training helped to test the efficiency of the HIMARS weapon, which offers the firepower of a multiple-launch rocket system on a