• 97 AMW Member Wins Air Force Food Service Excellence Award

    A member of the 97th Air Mobility Wing has taken home an award, not only for skills in her job, but her ability to share her knowledge with others.Managed by the Air Force Services Activity and named after one of the most influential members of the services career field, the Arthur J. Myers Food

  • Doing More With More: 97 AMW Squadron Superintendents Course

    At the head of every unit, there is a triad of leadership: it is the commander, first sergeant and superintendent who are charged with leading, training and disciplining their Airmen who complete the mission. Commanders and first sergeants undergo formal training on handling their units, but

  • Water quality at Altus AFB: Testing the waters

    “The water is absolutely safe to drink. I can tell you that as the guy who takes the samples, sees the numbers and follows the science, my technicians drink the water, I drink the water, and my kids drink the water,” said U.S. Air Force Capt. Austin Bennett, a bioenvironmental engineering flight

  • Pipeline to flight line

    On average, 2,200 students are trained annually at Altus AFB to expand the Air Force’s and foreign allies’ capability for global mobility reach. Those students include pilots, loadmasters and boom operators going through initial, retraining and requalification training. Of those trained, about 150

  • Red ALERRT at Altus AFB

    When an active shooter incident occurs, first responders are the first to take action against the adversary. With adversaries being unpredictable and constantly changing their tools and tactics, first responders must keep their skills and precision up-to-date in order to effectively respond to these

  • Brothers by blood and service

    It is common in the military for service member to refer to each other as family members, but for two Altus Airmen, they are family by blood and service.

  • Honorably Commanding: A series on Altus AFB Honorary Commanders

    Who is an honorary commander and what do they do? In order to understand what being an honorary commander means and what their role is on Altus AFB and in the community, it is helpful to look to remarkable past and present individuals who have served in the program.

  • Maintenance Group continues excellence

    A base older than the Air Force itself, Altus Air Force Base has been the premiere training base for the KC-135 Stratotanker and C-17 Globemaster III aircraft since their inception. However Altus AFB is unique for another reason; our maintenance team.

  • Gateway to Altus; The Military Affairs Committee

    “The MAC is your gateway to Altus,” said Dr. Nikki Killhoffer, MAC member and local veterinarian. “The people on the MAC will give you the ins and outs of the local area. The MAC will open your eyes to the people and community of Altus and how wonderful this place can be.”